UPSEE 2013 Mathematics Syllabus for Paper 1

UPSEE 2013 Syllabus for Mathematics (Paper 1) :

Algebra: Sets relations & functions, De-Morgans Law, Mapping Inverse relations, Equivalence relations, Peanos axioms, Definition of rationals and integers through equivalence relation, Indices and surds, Solutions of simultaneous and quadratic equations, A.P., G.P. and H.P., Special sums i.e. ?n2 and ?n3 (n?N ), Partial fraction,

Binomial theorem for any index, exponential series, Logarithm and Logarithmic series. Determinants and their use in
solving simultaneous linear equations, Matrices, Algebra of matrices, Inverse of a matrix, Use of matrix for solving

Probability: Definition, Dependent and independent events, Numerical problem on addition and multiplication, theorem of probability.

Trigonometry: Identities, Trigonometric equations, properties of triangles, solution of triangles, heights and distances, Inverse function, Complex numbers and their properties, Cube roots of unity, De-Moivre’s theorem.

Co-ordinate Geometry: Pair of straight lines, Circles, General equation of second degree, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola, tracing of conics.

Calculus: Limits & continuity of functions, Differentiation of function of function, tangents & normal, Simple examples of Maxima & Minima, Indeterminate forms, Integration of function by parts, by substitution and by partial fraction, definite integral, application to volumes and surfaces of frustums of sphere, cone and cylinder. Differential equations of first order and of first degree.

Vectors : Algebra of vectors, scalar and vector products of two and three vectors and their applications.

Dynamics : Velocity, composition of velocity, relative velocity, acceleration, composition of accelerations, Motion under gravity, Projectiles, Laws of motion, Principles of conservation of momentum and energy, direct impact of smooth bodies.

How to Fill the Online Application Form(UG) at
1. Candidate’s Name: Fill your complete name in block letters (as in your matriculation record).
You should use a space between your First, Middle and Last names.
2. Father’s Name: Same as 1 and don’t use Mr. / Mrs. / Dr / Sri / Smt. etc before the names.
3. Mother’s Name: Same as 2.
4. Date of birth: Can be filled from a drop down calendar or typed in DD/MM/YYYY format.
5. Nationality: This examination is open to Indian Nationals only. The field will be
automatically selected as “Indian”.
6. Gender: Please select as applicable. Please note that on selection of “Female” as your gender,
the benefits as applicable for UPGL will be given to all the female candidates.
7. Parent’s Domicile: Ref clause 8.
8. Qualifying Examination: Ref clause 3. Depending upon your selections a menu for 10+2
subjects will open. You may tick the relevant courses, as applicable, for your eligibility to
various courses. Please note that if you opt for “Other than 1-9” then you are only eligible for
9. Qualifying Examination Passed/Appeared From: UP or outside UP.
10. Year of Passing: Select from the drop down menu.
11. Choice of City of Examination: You may opt for two cities for examination. Please make
sure that your both choices of cities of examination are not same.
12. Category/Sub Category: Ref clause 8 & 9. If your category is UPGE and you are not
claiming or any other sub category benefit then you will be entitled to claim for Rural Weightage
(Ref clause10).
13. Seeking admission form: You may choose the option as First Year, Second Year (Lateral
Entry) or both. Please note that this choice is linked with your qualification and subjects in the
qualifying examination. Please refer the brochure to make sure that you posses the necessary
qualifications as per clause 3.
14. Fill in the security number and proceed as directed.

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