AIIMS-[M.Sc./M.BioTech./B.Sc.] 2013 SESSION

AIIMS-[M.Sc./M.BioTech./B.Sc.] 2013 SESSION. Download Admission letter for B.Sc (H) Nursing AIIMS New Delhi at

B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing
(a) To develop in a student the qualities of a nurse who can provide comprehensive nursing care to
the sick admitted to the hospital with varied medical and surgical conditions.
(b) To train a student as midwife, able to give necessary supervisory care and services to women
during pregnancy, labour and postpartum period, to conduct deliveries on her own
responsibility and to take care of the newborn and the infant.
(c) To impart training to the student so as to enable her to teach and supervise appropriate nursing
and health care to patients, families, the general public and other co-operating personnel in the
health care delivery system, thus taking part in the promotion of health, prevention of disease
and in rehabilitation.
2. Para-Medical Courses :
(i) B.Sc. (Hons.) Ophthalmic Techniques :
A. Basic Medical Sciences :
(i) To achieve general understanding of human biology.
(ii) To achieve in-depth knowledge of science related to ophthalmology (Anatomy, Physiology,
Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Optics).
B. Clinical :
The objectives of the clinical work are to enable a candidate to work under the supervision of an
ophthalmologist so as to understand anatomical, physiological basis of clinical ophthalmology
and its implications and applications and to enable him to :
i) Assist an ophthalmologist in hospital, clinics and in community to execute an integrated
approach of promotive, preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitative aspects of opthalmic care.
ii) Develop skills to carry out various ophthalmic investigations as directed.
iii) Assess disorders of ocular motility and uniocular and binocular functions and give orthoptic
and pleoptic exercises as directed.
iv) Perform refraction and making of glasses.
v) Assess contact lens patients and fit contact lenses in various conditions under supervision
of ophthalmologist.
vi) Maintain records of patients, investigation and treatment, follow up records.
C. Machinery and equipment
To enable the students to understand the principles of equipment used in ophthalmology, perform
routine servicing, assist ophthalmologist in clinical utilization of equipment.
(ii) B.Sc. (Hons.) Medical Technology in Radiography
(i) To provide basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology for understanding human
(ii) To provide basic understanding of the beneficial and harmful effect of X-ray radiation and
protective measures while working with it and physical principles of other imaging modalities like
Ultrasound and MRI.
(iii) To train the student to operate X-ray and other imaging equipments, perform all routine radiographic
techniques and produce images of good diagnostic quality with minimum radiation dose.
(iv) To train a student to work independently as a competent imaging technologist and produce
teachers for the future.
3. B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Certificate) :
(i) To train nurses to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients/clients that contribute to
health of individuals, families and communities in preventive, promotive, curative and restorative
health care delivery system.
(ii) To develop skills in nursing management and teaching at basic level.
(iii) To produce nurses who can demonstrate communication skills, leadership qualities and decision
making abilities in various situations.

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