Modi’s Hunkar rally Patna : 5 died in Seven blasts near in Patna

Modi’s Hunkar rally Patna : 5 died in Seven blasts near in Patna Around 77 injured in bomb blast in Patna. Emergency meeting called by the Bihar CM State government to give MHA a detailed report PM condemns multiple blasts in Bihar Live Tweets

Narendra Modi condemns blasts on Facebook

Highlights of Modi Rally 27 October 2013

When soldiers from Bihar were killed by Pakistan, then a minister of Nitish Kumar said people join the army to be die: Narendra Modi

Crowd erupts as Modi shouts Vande Mataram We must maintain peace and harmony: Narendra Modi
Modi ends Hunkar Rally with “Bharat Mata ki Jai” Nitish Kumar government is fooling the Muslims of Bihar: Narendra Modi
Poor Muslims and Hindus want to fight against poverty and not against each other: Narendra Modi
Bihar should get special assistance for its development:Narendra Modi
Muslims in Bihar remain backward despite state government’s claims of being secular whereas in Gujarat Muslims are prosperous: Narendra Modi
Both India and Bihar needs a change of government: Narendra Modi
Such leaders and parties who humiliate our soldiers should be thrown out of power: Narendra Modi


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