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Syllabus SBI specialist officer assistant manager systems

Syllabus SBI specialist officer assistant manager systems 2012-13 sbi.co.in
Previous year paper of SBI Specialist officer Recruitment 2013. download question paper SBI Recruitment 2013. previous year papers of sbi assistant manager networking

Question pattern Objective Test:
1. English Language
2. Reasoning
3. Quantitative Aptitude
4. Descriptive Paper (DP)& Professional Knowledge (PK).

Objective Tests will be of qualifying nature:- Candidates have to score minimum qualifying marks (Mean Marks) in these papers. In DP/PK test, the candidates should secure 50%marks (45% for SC/ST/PWD) to be eligible for being short-listed for interview. Candidates must secure at least 40% marks (35% for SC/ST/PWD) in interview to be considered for selection.

1. Basics of Computer (WINDOWS OS/DOS)

2. Office Applications.

3. RDBMS – Oracle etc

4. Networking

5. Hardware
6. internet technologies
7. Other emerging technologies

Model Questions Bank for IT Officer exam:
Explain the DMA controller with block diagram. What is meant by a block transfer?
What are the various phases of an instruction cycle ? Give the micro operation of fetch and decode phases.?
Compare Static RAM with Dynamic RAM.?

Using NAND gate generate the AND and NOR functions?

Which of the following services should be enabled in a secure workstation connected in an Ethernet LAN ? Give reasons for your answer.
Anacron, ftp, netfs, nfs, telnet, sendmail, SSH, syslog, SNMP, time. (Assume the LAN is connected to the Internet but is not connected via Firewall nor is Kerberos used).

What is a Socket ? Write two differences between a TCP Socket and a UDP Socket.
What are the standard port numbers for (i) Web Server (ii) Mail Server (iii) FTP Server (iv) Telnet ?
What is Network Address Translation (NAT) ? Give any two advantages and two disadvantages of NAT.

What is VPN ? How is it useful for an organization ?
What is a Search Engine ? How is it useful for Internet/Intranet ? Give the names of any four Search engines.

What is WAP ? Give any two advantages and two limitations of WAP. Also explain its layered architecture