Bed Sample paper of up bed 2012 entrance exam | ‘U.p.b.ed entrance exam model question paper solved’ Question Paper of B.Ed 2012 RMLU

‘U.p.b.ed entrance exam model question paper solved 2012′ Model paper of up bed 2012 entrance exam | Question Paper of B.Ed 2012 RMLU
U.P. B.ed Entrance examination is also known as Joint entrance examination JEE 2012 for admission of B.ed Program in various Government B.ed colleges and Private colleges of B.ed

Q:Hosni Mubarak was the President of

* Egypt
* Beharin
* Yeman

Q:Which one of the following is the first state in India to export 5000 tonnes of potato to Russia?

* Haryana
* Karnataka
* West Bengal
* U.P.
* Punjab

Q:Christiano Ronaldo associated with

* Cricket
* Golf
* Football
* Badminton

Q:Which book is written by Mahatma Gandhi?

* Discovery of India
* My India Pakistan
* My Experiments with Truth
* Cut to Size
* The Other Side of Midnight

Q:According to RBI guidelines, which one of the following can be engaged as Business correspondents?

* An individual operating common service centre
* An individual who is employed in a bank
* Sarpanch

Q: 56th Filmfare Best Director Award?

* Karan Johar
* David Dhawan
* Satish Kaushik
* Madhur Bhandarkar

Q:which one of the following power plants is being set up in Jaitapur?

* Coal based
* Hydroelectric
* Gas based
* Nuclear based

Q: Mangla Bhagyam and Aishwarya oil fields are located?

* Assam
* A. P.
* Orissa
* Rajasthan
* Gujarat

Q:Which one of the following Banks has decided to sell retail bonds to raise 2,000 crore?
lClCl Bank
Bank of India
Q: ‘Ponni Samba’ and ‘Malta’ varieties of basmati are grown?
(A) Northern (B) Western
Q:Premar Dhural is Chief Minister of

* UP
* Punjab
* Haryana
* Uttarakhand
* Himachal Pradesh

Q:Agri clinics are envisaged to provide which of the following services to farmers?

1. cropping practices Advice protection of crop from pests
2. Marketing trends.

* Only 1
* All 1 2 3
* 1 and 3
* 1 and 2
* 3

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